Research Project


The 'pseudo-Joachim' commentary 'Super Ieremian'. Edition and open questions

Dr. Julia Eva Wannemacher

Pseudo-Joachim's commentary on the Prophet Jeremy, which was written roughly about 1240/1250 AD, is probably the most influential of all texts, which have been ascribed to the Calabrian prophet, abbot, and founder of a new order, Joachim of Fiore (d. 1202). It was read, copied and quoted, celebrated and fought against much more often than any other work of Joachim or Pseudo-Joachim. Both Joachim's fiercest enemies, among them e. g. Guido Terreni, and his self-appointed disciples, like Thomas Müntzer, referred also to “Super Hieremiam”, if they meant Joachim, and never read a line of Joachim's authentic work. Had “Super Hieremiam” not been written, the authentic work of Joachim of Fiore might have been forgotten long since. It was the first of “Joachim's” works ever to be printed, and the only one, which was reprinted several times as early as in the sixteenth century, only later to be followed by other, authentic texts.

Contemporary research on Joachim of Fiore has concentrated on what is presently known as Joachim's authentic work, and even this topic has not been dealt with fully. But “Super Ieremian”, which is - for us - so obviously pseudepigraphic, has not been edited, neither has there been any research on this field since Robert Moynihan's thesis in the 80ies. Therefore, an new and critical edition of the 'Super Ieremian' together with a closer look at the text is the aim of this research stay.

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