Research Project


Circulation, Influence and Reception of Prophetic Texts at the Curia of Gregory IX (1227-1241)

Alberto Spataro

My research project is dedicated to the circulation of prophetic texts in the Roman Curia during the Pontificate of Gregory IX (1227-1241). The aim is to paint an overall portrait of the diffusion of prophetic texts at the Papal court, especially among Cardinals and members of the Curial offices such as the Chancellery. This enables us also better to define the composition of the Papal Curia of Gregory IX, identifying the existence of the political and theological schools of thought within it. The research will mainly be focused on the personalities around the Curia of Gregory IX. Above all, I will take into consideration the members of the College of Cardinals, among whom were distinguished figures who were very sensible of the prophetic coeval products, such as Raniero da Viterbo, reader of the pseudo-epigraphic works of Gioacchino da Fiore, and Giacomo di Vitry, recipient of a prophecy composed by the hermit Giovanni delle Asturie.

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