Research Project


The synchronic relationship between Pluto's revolution and alteration of China's dynasties

In this research visit, along with Uranus leaving Aries, I hope to return to the original discovery regarding the synchronic relationship between Pluto’s revolution and alteration of China’s dynasties and explore this relationship with traditional divination. For instance, there is a tradition of Chi (Qi 氣) evolving from the first line to the upper line in the understanding of I-Ching, such as twelve news hexagrams and analysis in Huangji jingshi. When Great Changes happen, in-depth exploration of Chi always precedes Li (理), as happened in the studies of I-Ching in Northern Song Dynasty. From this perspective, Dialogue on First Philosophy reached a conclusion about Li too directly. I believe that researches around Pluto, Uranus and Neptune is crucial to understanding the concept of heaven (Tian 天). I will use the resources of studies on esoteric practices, studies on I-Ching, Chinese philosophy, historicism and philosophy of history to deepen this research. And also, these researches may open up new horizons for our understanding of modernity and its relationship with ancient times.

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